Ethereal Research Laboratories is a global research-driven project established in 2006. We discover, develop and manufacture textile-specific structures invented in our very specialized labs (in an undisclosed location). Our researchers have combined DNA and nanotechnology with molecular self-assembly and handmade manufacturing to build a new generation of fabric-like species, which in turn is making inspirational advances in art and evolution.

From its humble beginnings as an oceanfront shack meth lab on a Southern California peninsula, Ethereal Research Laboratories has become the largest ethereal research organization in all of the universe. ERL is conjoined with a global body of progressive mad scientists, and our landmark building (located in an undisclosed area of Los Angeles) houses the nut cases that have led outstanding contributions to the field of imagination.

Etherecals, Bacterribles, Imaginodds and dillydads…

Ethericals are odd-shaped relics belonging to a quasi-scientific group of species known as Imagineodds, which are found everywhere from bathroom stalls in Bombay, to the little pockets inside sweater vests in Northern Minnesota. They are not unlike the Bacterribles that were discovered growing on hamburgers and ladies’ wig hats in 2005 by renowned chemist, Edvard Salvador Hawaiianstein, who later joined our research laboratories in early 2007.

Dr. Hawaiianstein has given us greater insight into the Etherecals story of origin. Some are fuzzy and soft, or starched and hardened with a variety of chemical compounds and substances unknown to most physicists of our planet (Earth). Some of his cultures were formed inside glass beakers, jars and Erlenmeyer flasks. Some at their later stages of growth have even squeaked with sounds that secrete from these species’ inner-sensory membranes. While most of these forms are made-up from pure imagination, these organisms are inspired by their environments of bacteria, fungi, disease, atoms and cells, as well as evolution, sea life, animals, cartoons, and visions.